Caddy! Caddy! Caddy! - William Faulkner Dance Project 


Caddy! Caddy! Caddy! is an epic dance work, with a live sound score and evolving, dynamic installation. This evening length performance, is an abstract portrayal of several of William Faulkner's works. Utilizing simultaneous, disparate and distinct intimate passages, the dance moves with a sense of confinement, entrapment, sadness, loneliness and courage.A simple play of light becomes the medium for a face dancing the ravages of unforgiving time. Darkness illuminates the rhythm of the telling with speaking, sobbing and laughter. Faulkner's stories unfold, without foregrounding cause and effect, through many different interwoven voices, forming a nonlinear composite - a rich blur of life. Evoking subtle essences, with this reckoning of time, Oguri presents Caddy! Caddy! Caddy!.

Video linked here.