Return to Absence


As inspiration for their latest production, Arcane Collective delves into the Samuel Beckett trilogyMolloy, Malone Dies, and The Unnamable. In reverence to Beckett, Return to Absence embodies the resonant images and wrought emotions characteristic to these remarkable stories. Constructing a fluent language of movement and environments as abstract and absurd as Beckett's unparalleled composition of words, the dance emerges as an intimate portrayal of humanity; a rich and ridiculous non-linear storytelling. Return to Absence premiered at the Dublin Dance Festival in 2014.

Choreography: Arcane Collective
Dancers: Andres Corchero, Boaz Barkan
Morleigh Steinberg, Oguri
Music: Feltlike with Paul Chavez
Set: Oguri & Moses Hacmon
Lighting: Morleigh Steinberg